nufactory is a creative and communication agency deeply rooted in contemporary art and street art. We are born in 2009 with the aim of enhancing the artistic and creative ferments of the capital city, Rome. The constant work of artistic research in the national and international landscape that we have been doing for years allows us to offer our customers the involvement of the best contemporary artwork.


We have implemented numerous communication projects and events for private clients and, at the same time, we have produced cultural initiatives related to visual arts and music through various types of financing: private, public, self-financing and crowdfunding. We have different entertainment formats with the strategic aim of promoting young artists and creative people active in the fields of music, visual arts, graphics, communication and quality drinks.


The uniqueness of our offer lies in the ability to turn the artistic and cultural experience into unique and innovative products. The transversal skills and the uniqueness of combining different fields such as art, music and communication are the strength of our ideas and our design.